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Tungliang Banyan Tree

The astonishing 300-year-old Tugliang Banyan Tree in front of Bao’an Temple wraps, creeps and twists around a cement frame that stabilizes the tree like the lattice arch of a bower. The spread of branches and aerial roots provides tourists comfortable shades.

Daguoye Columnar Basalt

During the Japanese occupation period, a wharf was planned to be built at the seaside of Daguoye to improve marine communications between Xiyu and Magong. While workers were digging earth and stones away, they found the impressive columnar basalt. It has become a popular attraction in Penghu.

Xiyu Lighthouse

Xiyu Lighthouse, also known as Yuwengdao Lighthouse, is a lighthouse located at the south of Xiyu. Since it is relatively taller than surrounding islets, it became an important indication of shipping route since hundreds of years ago. There are a number of mist-cannons built next to the lighthouse since the Qing Dynasty and an exhibition room. Tourists can admire the breath-taking scenery of sunset on top of the lighthouse.

Waian Fake Cannon

The Japanese military used cement to build the fake cannon in Waian to mislead the US military. Built in the basin of a tableland, this cement cannon is connected to the peripheral defense facilities through the surrounding trenches.

Xiyu West Fort

During the ruling of the Qing Emperor Kuang Hsu, China and France had a war and signed a truce. The Qing government ordered magistrate Liu Ming-Chuan to build 10 fortresses to protect Taiwan from the harassment and attacks of pirates and bandits. Xiyu West Fort was one of them. It is also the best-preserved and largest ancient fortress in Penghu.

Erkan Historic Village

Erkan is one of the very few remaining traditional settlement protection areas of Taiwan as well as one of the 100 important buildings in Taiwan architectural history for its high historic and cultural value. Tourists can visit the Museum of Children’s Folkgame, Museum of the Traditional Life, and Museum of Intertidal Zone in this area. Moreover, they can also try the distinctive almond tea and tofu pudding.

Xiaomen Geology Park

Xiaomen Geology Park is a perfect place for people who are interested in nature and geology. It gives you an overview of Penghu’s geology and receives a good reputation as an ‘outdoor geology classroom’.

Penghu Great Bridge

Once called “the longest ocean-crossing bridge in the far east”, Penghu Great Bridge can be seen as the starting point of tourism industry in Penghu. The neon lighting at night paints a shimmering rainbow in the water.

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